Thought Experiment

Let’s say I was the FBI, and I found a fantastic back door into the iPhone. What would I do with that information? Well, I might very well pick a very public fight with Apple, demanding that they open their… Read more

I’ve read extensively about, and I’ll be honest with you. I’m more than a little relieved that it has failed. That sounds cruel, but bear with me. I’m relieved because for that project to have succeeded, given the constraints… Read more

Crumbling infrastructure

You know that trend where our infrastructure is failing – that more and more of our bridges are structurally deficient, etc? Turns out that that’s not a thing. In percentage terms, the number of structurally deficient bridges has been cut… Read more

A late epiphany

Paul Krugman writes a lot about the Liquidity Trap. I’ve always struggled with the concept – on one hand, he’s right – you can’t have interest rates below zero. But on the other hand, being in a liquidity trap (i.e…. Read more